Grapes Varieties : 80% Pinot noir
, 20% Chardonnay
Ageing : Manual harvest, pressing of the whole bunch of grapes, alcoholic fermentation at 18°C, malolactic fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, ageing on boards in our traditional cellars.
Assembling : Rosé from the assembling of several years unique en France.
Dosage : 9 g of sugar per litre Format : Bottle 75cl
Tasting-Card :
Visual examination : Steady pink, shining and
sparkling robe.
Olfactory : Elegant nose, smell of red fruits, raspberry, blackcurrant.
Gustatory : Nice attack, abundant bubbles. Red fruits keep their full flavour and full-body is preserved.

Wine and Food Pairing :
This Cuvee will enlighten all your aperitifs and sublimate
all subtle and creative dishes : scampi seasoned with citrus
fruits, Carpaccio of Saint-Jacques and crayfish tails cooked
au gratin.

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