Grapes Varieties : 70 % Chardonnay, 30 % Pinot Noir
Ageing : Manual harvest, pressing of the whole bunch of grapes, alcoholic fermentation at 18°C, malolactic fermentation in new oak barrel. Selection of our best tanks. Ageing on boards in our traditional cellar.
Blending : With several years in order to get a product of constant quality.
Dosage : 7 g of sugar per litre
Format : Bottle 75clTasting Card :
Visual examination : Gold yellow colour, brilliante tint. Bubbles very light and nice.
Olfactory : Fine and elegant nose, oaky smell, mandarin and almond mark.

Gustatory : The zest of mandarin is present, citrus prevails in mouth.

Wine and Food Pairing :
This Cuvee will be served with your meal.
To taste with lobster or fish cooked in a sauce.

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